“Barbara Armbruster works in different media and moves between different cultures and continents, between the Orient and the Occident. In addition to installation photography and performative videos, her work also includes large-format drawings and paintings in a complex network of connections. Her third exhibition at Galerie G focuses on paintings. Under the title ‘Between light, noise and silence’, works are presented in a highly individual visual language, with a repertoire of forms that appears light and airy, even awakening floral associations, but that also establishes a unresolved momentum of disquieting explosive force. The paintings directly hark back to a series of watercolours created during the time of BA’s departure from Egypt and Cairo, as well as in Stuttgart. Departure always also entails sensitised perception. What does one take from a culture? What does one bring into one’s own? What can be retained from something so different? BA answers these questions with her typical tentative explorations. One can never forget the oriental light – in an almost translucent manner, it bathes us in melon yellow and distinct shades of pink. Despite this, however, it never turns into la vie en rose. The harmony is challenged time and again – by strong colour contrasts and dark colours painted on top, as well as by angular shapes, hooks and points. Areas of tension arise on various levels. The state of suspense harbours a disquieting call to attention! ” (Text by Dr Gudrun Selz, Galerie G, Freiburg)


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