Starting point for the project de-re-constructions II is a body of work, which took its beginnings in 2012. The artists Barbara Armbruster and Hala Elkoussy tried to gain the most independent perspective possible on the metropolis Cairo.The aforementioned series of photographic images was focusing on Cairo´s urban space. By combining singular impressions and fields of view a subjective ‚Gesamteindruck’ was recorded.While striving through the city the view was searching for complexity in the banal. The Querungen are showing a reflection of the works which already were produced. Images already archived were looked through a second time. New image combinations came up.Furthermore the images are made attainable for new juxtapositions which only were thinkable of after a second sighting. Reflection of the material already produced as well as new production, de-construction and re-construction are the poles in between which de-re-constructions II is situated. The work´s concept thereby can be read as a metaphor for Cairo- a metropolis on the move.


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