The starting point for the installations "Inside Out" and "Here and There, in my Mind and Body" was a blue feather strand that I had found in Cairo in 2005 and brought to Stuttgart. I knew that the feather strand had to become part of a staged photograph in a room that forms an absolute contrast to the material and shine of that feather object.In 2010, I found that room in a rather shabby former office building. The photograph (Fig. p. 15) became the starting point for the involvement with drawing, painting, video and installation.One of the two videos, as a performative medium, is part of the installation that takes up the feather strand and in which the protagonist moves within two different cultural living environments. With the overlay of  still images in the respective segment, reference is made to the other living environment, connected by the blue of the feathers and clouds. Starting at the place of origin of her own cultural environment, she takes the feather strand along with her to the place of the other cultural environment.  It ends when she, in her red dress and with the feather strand, leaves that room, that other cultural environment, and drives away in a taxi.Everything remains open, it is up to the viewer to imagine the end himself/herself. What both installations have in common are contraries that, by being played with different media, are forced into a dialogue with one another. The haptic material meets the video as an illusion.

2010 Á Demain, Video, Sound, 11:23 min.                                                  

 2010 O.T. (Loop)



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