Plants had an essential meaning for our ancestors. Where plants growed there was water and life.  Even though there is no necessity to settle close to a see or river  anymore the original meaning of the equivalence of water and life is still part of us. I am fascinated by the green alleys in the streets of Cairo,  by the plants,  little  trees along or in front of buildings. This stands for more than only the desire for green. I started to take a closer look at the various kinds of potted plants in the streets,  which I could find almost everywhere. This spreads a gentleness in the streets and a  specific kind of intimacy which has captivated me so much.  But I believe that it comprises different levels:the past, and today’s life even the feeling of the people living and working in the city of Cairo.    I commute my observations to my artwork using installation, drawing, painting, photograph and video.   The Video „Scent of Life“ combines two levels and cultural areas. A mapple-tree in the own cultural area in Stuttgart was filmed during different seasons. The mini video’s alternate with the images of the gardens of the street of Cairo and those who live there. Audiences can figure out themselves the invisble force behind the Scent of Life.  (Ttext of the catalogue 2011)


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